Fire Fighting backpack with brass spray pump

The equipment is made up of a chrome-plated brass spray pump, a 17.5 l. tank and anti-fold hose.


  • The metal pump is a double action hydronette type pump with plastic handles. The outlet nozzle is adjustable.
  • When using the jet, with the nozzle fully tightened horizontal spraying distances of up to 12 m. and vertical
    distances up to 7 m. can be obtained.
  • With the nozzle loosened, a thicker spray is obtained which is suitable for short-range
    extinguishing. The output rate is 120 c.c. per stroke.
  • The pump has two stainless steel ball-valves. The suction valve ball has a spring which keeps the pump always in the shut-off
    position except when actually under suction, thus preventing the tank from emptying if the lance is placed the tank’s liquid level.
  • The pump is easy to repair and maintain. No special tools are needed.


  • The tank is made from hard-wearing plastic material, yellow in colour for easier identifi cation between vegetation.
  • Having a
    threaded lid and sealing gasket as well as a valve which allows air to enter but prevents the tank from being emptied.
  • The lid
    is attached to a fi lter by a nylon thread to prevent its loss. To one side on top of the tank there is a lance for easy transport and
    allowing the operator to use both hands when convenient to do so.


  • Anti-fold hose to avoid cloggings when using. At the end, inside the tank there is a counterweight to ensure that all the contents
    of the tank are used and thus preventing any obstructions.


Double action system hydronette. Chrome-plated brass.

Flow-rate: 120 c.c. per stroke.

Gross weight without hose 1.20 Kg.

Net weight without hose 1 Kg. (Code




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