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Introducing SimonRack Ecofire Fighting (SEF) by Lince Group, a groundbreaking fire suppressant boasting exceptional qualities. Unlike its predecessors, SEF stands out for its remarkable ability to swiftly extinguish fires while emitting non-toxic substances, thus guaranteeing environmental safety. This organic solution, paired with its eco-conscious manufacturing process, positions SEF as the ultimate option for safeguarding lives and the ecosystem.

Why Simonrack Ecofire Fighting (SEF)?

Unmatched Efficacy

SEF boasts a fire protection capacity 40 times more effective than water, ensuring rapid and reliable extinguishing of fires.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

With SEF, rest assured with our proven reliability and unwavering commitment to safety.

Versatile Applications

From industrial to domestic use, SEF offers a versatile solution adaptable to various needs, ensuring effective fire protection across diverse settings.

Environmental Responsibility

100% organic and biodegradable, SEF prioritizes ecological sustainability while providing exceptional fire suppression capabilities.

Our Products


Recommended for concentrated fires. Its greater density favors its adherence.


Recommended for extinguishing fires in large areas: forestry, agriculture, ships,… Its lower density favors a homogeneous dispersion.


Recommended for fires in the home. It is suitable for all types of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, polyurethanes…


Recommended for extinguishing fires in large areas.

Simonrack Ecofire Fighting

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Explore the unmatched benefits of Ecofire Fighting – redefining safety with effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.


Discover Ecofire Fighting's versatility in various settings, ensuring effective fire protection from homes to industrial spaces.


Learn how Ecofire Fighting efficiently tackles different fire classes, providing a comprehensive solution from electrical to liquid combustibles.

Browse our Ecofire Fighting catalog, featuring tailored solutions for specific fire prevention and safety needs. Find peace of mind in our diverse product range.

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